I design websites through users' eyes.
Brand identities and mobile apps, too.
About me
Becoming a designer
I'm Marty. Graduated as a Junior IT System Specialist in 2019 and decided to become an independent designer. I'm committed to designing websites, mobile apps and brand identities which focus on bettering user experience and solving users' problems.
Continuous self-improvement has helped me to become an independent designer. During Junior IT System Specialist studies, I sacrificed 95% of my free time on becoming a better designer.
Internship & Work Experience
During studies of Junior IT System Specialist, I worked in a user experience design, business analysis, and software development company for 5 months. That was an amazing experience.
It wasn't only about designing visually appealing websites. The internship made me understand the importance of thinking about users and their experience while using a digital product.
Right now, I'm an independent designer helping businesses design their websites, brand identities and mobile apps.
Case Studies
Healthy App
Building a healthy lifestyle became one of my main goals during the summer of 2019. I started drinking more water and tracking the calorie-intake to have an overview of the foods I eat.
Similar apps had different user experience issues and using these apps were confusing and challenging. I wanted to figure out how to solve these problems and create a user-friendly app.
Case Studies
Developing Personal Brand
I was working as a full-time designer, but I didn't have a professional logo or website to represent the brand. Back then, sales were more important than having a professional brand.
Over time, I understood the importance of building a personal brand and decided to work on it. I wanted to create a brand image which clearly describes me and my business.
People's Thoughts
Peter Imbres
Strategic marketer
It was great working with Marty. He took my concept and built a visual identity that is distinctive in our industry and flexible enough to work across all channels of our business.
Ülle Roodvee
Medium Articles
I love writing articles
I write articles about self-improvement, mindset and design principles in general. Read articles on Medium.

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